Weekend Getaway in Vista Aplaya, Batangas

by - March 10, 2018


April 2016

Looking for a place where you can getaway just for a weekend? Probably one of the first places you will think of is Batangas. With just about 2 to 3 hours drive from the metro, Batangas is definitely a place we can get away to.

With so many resorts to choose from, we ended up booking the attic room in Vista Aplaya resort in Anilao, Batangas. It costs us Php5,000, very affordable for our group of 4 persons.


Vista Aplaya is a small resort. Works for me as I wanted to escape from crowded  places that week. The resort have a pool and you can also access the beach. The beach is stony though so we stayed and enjoyed the pool more.

Booking Experience: We had a hard time booking. We are not able to get immediate response and we also experienced being passed on from one contact to another. At some point, we wanted to just book another resort.


Resort Vibe and Review: The resort is located downhill. You have go down that steep one-lane road to get there. When we reached the resort, we thought 'oh wow, it looks cool', it has good ambiance and looks cozy. We liked it.

Then we ordered food,.. damn it's expensive. I forgot the exact prices and all I can remember is that its expensive enough for us to agree to just order one barbecue stick each and rice but due to our persistent asking we were able to come up with a better set meal - cheaper. The resort however, do not mind if you bring food to the resort.


FB_IMG_1463926123401 Chilling on a weekend


Overall Feedback: Overall, I enjoyed our stay. All the staff of the resort were really accommodating that at the end of the day we forgot that bad booking experience. The resort is beautiful too. I hope they add more options on the menu tho.


FB_IMG_1463926090794 Sunset

FB_IMG_1463926079067 Peace out

Here is the resort's website: http://www.vistaaplaya.com/#home

This is one resort you can consider if you go to Batangas. Thank you for reading this blog :)

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