Philippines | Salagdoong Beach & Cambugahay Falls in Siquijor

by - October 28, 2017

Salagdoong Beach and Cambugahay Falls Siquijor Philippines

Travel Date: July 8, 2016
Most people will take a package tour in Siquijor. Salagdoong Beach and Cambugahay Falls are definitely two of the most known attractions in the island that I think will always be part of their packages.
Salagdoong Beach Resort
Entrance Fee : Php 15.00
Parking Fee : Php 50.00
Have you seen online videos in Siquijor where people cliff dive? Well, this is the place. They created 2 ledges for cliff diving, one is at 20 feet and the higher one is at 30 feet. We spent most of our time looking at those bravehearted men willing to jump off. I didn’t jump but I really considered it because it’s one of the activities in my bucket list. But I am not confident with my swimming more so when I saw the big waves hitting the edge.
Aside from cliff diving, they also created a slide. No one used the slide when we were there. Maybe because it’s noon time and people were in the shades hiding from the sun.
I thought, maybe they created the slide because the water near the shore is so torquoise and clear that it looked like a swimming pool.
There are a lot of people in this area. Not really crowded but this is the only area we visited in Siquijor where there are a lot of tourists. They also have cottages and tables that tourists can rent. They also have a restaurant but we had a hard time ordering food. I see other people getting a bit annoyed too. Why? I don’t know to be honest. I don’t have any idea but we ended up having Coke and Chippy. They might have a big order line up or something on that day, I don’t know.

This is the part of Salagdoong Beach where all the fun starts. This have the ledges for cliff diving and the slide too.

Cambugahay Falls
No entrance fee but you may pay a tour guide to help you around.
Parking Fee is Php 30.00
There are benches at the side of the falls where you can leave your things.
There’s no one selling food at the falls but you may bring your food.
This is actually the best part of our Siquijor trip for me. I get to jump at the falls and repeatedly swing and drop into the water, so fun!
To reach the falls, you have to go down the stairs, it is manageable so don’t worry. At the starting point, there are people offering drinks and tour guides. We didn’t take any tour guides there because getting to the falls is really easy but when we reached the falls, all four of us probably look like we don’t know where to start so someone just pop in front of us and told us that this is a 3-tier falls and that we can start at the upper part etc. etc….. and in the end found ourselves having a tour guide. haha! But having a guide helped us found a spot where we can jump, help those who didn’t know how to swim and of course took our group pictures. Not bad after all.
So we start at the upper part of the falls. It is very picturesque and it is definitely the spot I am seeing on travel blogs.
At this part, I am finally able to jump after feeling so scared in Salagdoong. Well this can be a good start because the height of the jump is lower and the water depth is not too deep and there are no waves.
Even my friends who don’t know how to swim was able to try it because of the tour guide who helped us conquer our fears and assured us that he will pull us up – and that we will not drown of course. 🙂
We went down one tier and we found the perfect spot for our group shot!
At the lower tier is the swing. Oh how I found that swing so enjoyable. The water level there is not deep but deep enough for me not to hit when I drop. There’s someone guiding tourists how to properly use the swing and our tour guide once again assured us that he will save us if we need to be saved. haha!
Swing. Drop. Repeat. Literally, I did this like 5 times. haha!
So how do we get to Salagdoong Beach Resort and Cambugahay Falls? It is all part of our half day tour package. My itinerary and details on our tour is on my blog Itinerary For A Day In Siquijor
Thank you for reading 🙂

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