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by - October 21, 2017

Itinerary for a Day in Siquijor, Philippines

We arrived at Siquijor port at 12 PM coming from Dumaguete. Walking from the boat to the gate of the port will already make you feel excited because you can see crystal clear water. Once you get out of the port gate, there are tricycles and Vans that offers you a tour and you can start the tour immediately!

Travel Date : July 8, 2016

Cambugahay Falls Siquijor Philippines

After staying at Boljoon, Cebu for 2 days, we are off to Siquijor. Our target is to arrive at Siquijor at noon or before 1PM so we can still have enough time for our tour and besides we’re only staying for 1 day in Siquijor.

Is 1 day enough? I think so. Actually, our tour only lasted for 5 hours and I think we were able to visit known tourist spots. If you have limited time, 1 day may be good enough but you can definitely stay longer because there’s much more to see at this beautiful island.

Is Siquijor Safe? Yes. Despite the rumors that there are witches in Siquijor, we never really had any unexplainable experience. I never even heard any witch-related stories while we are there.

Is early booking for tours needed? No. We went there without knowing what places to visit. I just know that there will be people offering tours at the port, I settled for it and didn’t make any itinerary. True enough (and maybe lucky enough that I read the right article), there are a lot of people offering tours right after you exit the port. You can rent a van or a tricycle. I will share more details about the tours, including our tour contact details, later on the blog.
Sooooo.. Let me start my itinerary in Siquijor.:)

Traveling  to Siquijor
We stayed in Jaynet Oceanview Resort in Boljoon, Cebu which is a town near Oslob. Here’s how we get to Siquijor:

6:00 AM
Ride a bus that will take you to Liloan port. The bus will drop you exactly at the port. From Boljoon to Liloan port in Santander will probably take you more than an hour travel time.

7:25 AM
Buy your ticket to ride a ferry (Php62.00) going to Sibulan. They have a boat schedule that will leave every hour. On my experience, the boat leaves once it is fully loaded and may not follow the schedule. Our boat started cruising at 7:32AM.

7:52 AM
We arrived at Sibulan port (20 minutes Ferry ride). Once in Sibulan, tricycles and jeeps are waiting outside. You can tell them that you are going to Dumaguete port. Tricycle will cost you Php150.oo but they can drop you at the port while the jeep only costs Php11.00 but you need to walk a bit and may take longer. We took the trike.

8:26 AM
We arrived at the Dumaguete port via tricycle (trike ride is about 15 minutes). Our first agenda on the port is to buy our tickets so we can also check the schedule. Ticketing office for the ferry are mostly outside so buy your tickets first before entering the port gate. We bought our tickets from GL Shipping line (Php130.00). Our actual plan is to take the Delta Line because they have a 9am schedule (based on what I found on the internet) but unfortunately, they say that Delta is no longer operating. We got scared that we might arrive at Siquijor too late to take any tours so once we found GL Shipping Line with 10am schedule, we took it immediately.

Change of plans. Our arrival time at the port could have been perfect if Delta is still operating but maybe God knows that we are starving (even if we had our breakfast at the resort before leaving) so He said we must take a 10AM ferry ride and have a decent meal first. There are a lot of restaurants around, you can either ask a tricycle driver to take you to any canteen/restaurant or you can also just walk around. I suggest just walking around if your bags are manageable. If you like, you can also ride a trike to take you to their famous Sylvana store to buy pasalubong.

9:30 AM
We head back to the port. Before entering the waiting area, pay the terminal fee first of 14.00 pesos.

10: 08 AM
Our ferry starts to ship. GL Shipping Line have small ferries. Very limited space inside. They have to close the windows too because the water will splash inside so as a result, it is soooo hot. Not unless you are willing to open your window and get wet. Later on the ride, once we noticed that the waves aren’t too big anymore to splash water on us, we opened our windows because people can’t manage how hot it is.

11:32 AM
We finally arrived at Siquijor port. Walking from the boat to the gate of the port will already make you feel excited because you can see crystal clear water.

See how clear the water is?
Once we got out of the port, people are already offering us tours in Siquijor but our agenda first is to get to our hotel. We booked our hotel through Airbnb and it was a challenge getting a ride to get there because it turns out that the hotel is located up the mountains. We got help from the security in their Tourist Help stand to know exactly where the hotel is.

Our cellphone signal is not too good so we had a hard time contacting our resort. While waiting, we entertained some of those offering tours and we ended up booking a van that also agreed to take us to our hotel.

Here are the details of our tour:

Agency: FKB Travel Agency
Email Add:
Contact Nos.: 0927 998 2477 | 0929 970 3462 | 035 480 9281 (landline)
Services: Van for rent, Island Tour, Ticketing, Gowns for rent, Gifts and Souvenirs

We took the Php2,500 tour since we only have half-day.

They have a PHP2,500 and a Php3,000 tour.

PHP2,500 includes the following:
– Old Enchanted Balete Tree
– Salagdoong Beach Resort
– St. Francis of De Assisi Church
– Capilay Spring Park
– Lazi Church and Convent
– Triad View Deck
– Guiwanon Spring Park
– Paliton Beach
– Kanheron Ranch
– Siquijor  Boulevard

PHP3,000 tour includes all those in PHP2,500 tour and the following:
– Cantabon Cave
– Mt. Bandilaan
– Butterfly Sanctuary
– Lugnason Falls

In all fairness to this agency, their vans are new. There are only 4 of us so we got all the space that we ever could want in a van. It has been very convenient for us to take the van considering that our hotel is way up the mountains. Our driver is kind and friendly too.

12:05 PM
We arrived at the hotel – HillSide Village. It is a good thing that we booked a van because I am not sure if the tricycles can make it to the hotel (or if they can, it may probably take forever). We checked-in and drop our bags while our van is waiting for us. We also met the owner who is a Japanese girl, Yoshi.

The hotel/village is really nice and it is a good thing that they have a restaurant. We didn’t look around much as the van is waiting for us.

12:30 PM >>>> And the tour begins…

Salagdoong Beach

Salagdoong Beach

Cliff Diving . This is the highlight of the Salagdoong beach. We spent most of our time looking at those bravehearted men willing to jump off. I didn’t jump but I really considered it because it’s one of the activities in my bucket list. But I am not confident with my swimming more so when I saw the big waves hitting the edge.

The beach is a bit crowded. There are cottages and tables that can be rented. There’s also a restaurant but we had a hard time ordering food. I see other people getting a bit annoyed too. Why? I don’t know to be honest. I don’t have any idea but we ended up having Coke and Chippy (thank goodness we ate in Dumaguete).

Salagdoong Beach Resort have an entrance fee of 15.00 pesos per head and a parking fee of 50.00 pesos.

Cambugahay Falls

A must-see in Siquijor. There are only few people when we arrived. They might ask you if you want a tour guide but really, getting to the falls is very very easy. Just go down the stairs and voila! We actually didn’t take any tour guide but upon reaching the  falls and probably looking like we don’t know where to start, someone just pop in front of us and told us that this is a 3-tier falls and that we can start at the upper part etc. etc….. and in the end found ourselves having a tour guide. haha! But having a guide helped us found a spot where we can jump, help those who didn’t know how to swim and of course took our group pictures. Not bad after all.

At the lower tier of the falls, they have a swing. I had so much fun swingin' into the water and good thing there's not too many people I get to swing for how many times I want.


I have another blog about Salagdoong Beach and Cambugahay Falls if you are interested in these sites, you can my blog - Salagdoong Beach and Cambugahay Falls in Siquijor, Philippines

St. Francis of De Assisi Church

We weren’t able to go inside the church because we are not dressed appropriately for it and besides we are still wet from swimming in Cambugahay falls. But we are still able to pray and light up candles outside the church, took few pictures and left for our next destination.

Enchanted Balete Tree

Filipinos believe that Balete trees are home for mythical creatures called ‘Kapre’ but don’t worry, I didn’t see one when we visited this 400 year-old tree but instead we got a foot spa, fish spa to be exact. We paid Php5.00 for a ticket. It is almost 4:30PM when we left the Balete Tree.

Capilay Spring Park

We are starting to feel tired (and hungry) from traveling and all the fun we had in Salagdoong and Cambugahay Falls. Our van stopped at Capilay Spring Park and we just looked from inside the van and we didn’t go out anymore.

Little Boracay of Siquijor

I don’t know if they have another name for this beach but this is the name that our driver gave us for this beach. The sand is really comparable to the sand of Boracay, really fine and white. However, due to typhoon the beach is not in its cleanest. But still, we enjoyed our sunset here doing some jump shots.

Siquijor  Boulevard
Just a quick stop at the ‘I Love Siquijor’ sign along the street.

We are back at the resort feeling fulfilled and hungry. We ordered our food which will be cooked by Yoshi. They have Japanese food in their menu. We're so hungry so we ordered several cuisines.

We end our night by fixing our bags and playing Tongits. The next day we will travel back to Cebu City.

For reference, here is the Summary of our Expenses:

Bus to Liloan Port ------------------Php 40.00 each
Ferry to Sibulan --------------------        62.00 each
Tricycle to Dumaguete Port ----------         150.00 shared
Ferry to Siquijor -------------------         130.00 each
Terminal Fee ------------------------     15.00 each
Van Rental for the tour -------------     2,500.00 shared
Salagdoong Entrance -----------------      15.00 each
Salagdoong Parking ------------------     50.00 shared
Cambugahay Falls Parking ------------      30.00 shared
Balete Tree Ticket/Donation ---------            5.00 each

Although we only have a day in Siquijor we really enjoyed it! :)

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