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by - October 15, 2017

Last November 11, 2016, I went to Dusit Thani Makati to file my application for a Japan Visa. Dusit Thani is the home for several accredited agencies that can process your Japan Visa application, one of them is Reli Tours.

** In applying a visa for Japan, you can't go directly to Japan Embassy but you have to go to the accredited agencies for them to process your application.

** The Visa is actually free but since we need the agencies to process them, we have to pay the processing fee. This fee will depend on which agency you will go. Me and friends went to Reli Tours - check their site here! Processing fee is Php950.00.

Of course before you go, you need to prepare the following requirements (for employed):
  1. COE
  2. Bank Certificate
  3. NSO Birth Certificate
  4. Picture 2 x 2 with white background - more details here.- Prepare at least 2 pcs. One will be pasted on your application form and the other one is your extra just in case the agency personnel asked for it.
  5. Passport
  6. Filled out Application Form. Form is here. It should be printed in A4 (210x297mm) only. Take note of the margin. If you printed the form with incorrect margin, the agency will ask you to rewrite the details on another form. Rewriting is not much of a hassle since there were only few questions on the application but it is still better (and faster) if you get things right. If ever you need a sample on how to fill out the form, you can check this out.
  7. Daily Schedule in Japan. Your itinerary in this format.
  8. Income Tax Return. Bring a photocopy and the original.
    They actually did not get the original ITR but bring it just in case. Like what I said, better be ready! :)
  9. If ever you're married, bring your Marriage contract.
I also submitted my flight itinerary and Airbnb/hotel details. The agency took it.

Please check this page as well to see other requirements listed.

There's no question on the application asking if you are applying for a single entry or a multiple entry visa. I guess it's their discretion. If you will be granted a single entry visa, it will be valid for 3 months since the day it is issued - you can stay for 15 days. For multiple entry, it is valid for 5 years. So plan the day you will go to Japan and schedule the right time to get a visa.

My Personal Experience

This is my second time applying for Japan Visa. The first one was last 2014 and I got a single entry visa. Since my return from that 2014 Japan travel, all I had in mind was to go back to Japan. It is my favorite country so far! I went there at the right timing too, I arrived during the peak season of autumn which is soooo beautiful. Fell in love with the country and the season.

Sooo.. before I went on and on with how I love Japan, let's go back to my topic - Japan Visa Application.

Last November 11, 2016, I went to Dusit Thani Makati to file my application for Japan Visa. I went straight to the mezzanine to look for Reli tours, this is where I went the first time I applied for visa last 2014. I can see their office from the stairs and imagine how I kinda slow down when I saw that their office was closed. 'OMG! is the agency closed?' I went closer to the door and found the note that they transferred to the 3rd floor - 'so okay, chill!' I went down the stairs straight to the reception and asked for the exact location of the Reli tours office 'I should have done this earlier' - I thought.

I am entertained right away when I entered the office. I got all the requirements (I listed above, except for marriage contract) with me. They thoroughly checked them and of course, there should be something I did not follow correctly. I had to rewrite my application! ( but see how I kind of defend how rewriting is of no hassle on my notes for the application form above? yeah.. that's the hint! I'm a victim. I rewrote my application boohoo).

For second timers, they don't need the NSO birth certificate, so that was returned to me. I was like 'sayang ung Php350' (I ordered online) but yeah.. like what I said.. better prepared than sorry. Original ITR was returned to me, those not so needed pages of the flight and Airbnb itinerary was returned too.

All set. I paid Php1,000.00 then they gave me the receipt. They said they will text me once I can return to claim my passport. I left their office. I left Dusit Thani. I am already at my office. 'OMG! nakalimutan ko ung sukli ko!'

November 17, 2016 - Reli Tours already texted me that I can already claim my passport and visa (hopefully!). I can only know the result of my application upon pick-up. I can't go there this day so I have to go the next day.


I got my Visa! and they gave me multiple entry for 5 years!! I am so happy that I am already planning a return trip :D

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