Philippines | A Day Hike To Tangadan Falls, La Union

by - October 14, 2017

Tangadan Falls, La Union Philippines

Travel Date : September 9, 2017

Me and friends went to another trip in La Union. This is my fifth time in this province and the other previous visits were all just spent in San Juan Urbiztondo beach. La Union is surfing and enjoying good food and drinks for me but on this trip, we will try something different. We will go to Tangadan Falls.

I heard about the falls before but never went. Finally we are going and it was never planned.

My friend drove us to La Union. It took us around 5 to 6 hours to get there. We stayed at San Juan Surf Resort. This is also my first time to stay here. I always wanted to try this resort because I like their restaurant.

So here's our situation. We decided to go straight to La Union after our shift from work, one of us will end his shift at 12 midnight so we have to wait for him. We left the office at around 12:30 am and arrive in San Juan Surf Resort at around 6 am. We opted for an early check-in so we can fix our things at the room and change clothes. We also decided to take the resort's tour guide which will cost us 500 pesos each but they say that already include fees.

The lady in the reception told us that the hike will take around an hour but from experience, when the locals say 1 hour, I know it will take us 2 hours. We ordered breakfast first, change our clothes and wait for our tour guide, Kuya Baldo.

We drove to San Gabriel. We stopped at the barangay hall (or is that the city hall?) to register, we didn't pay anything. We stopped at a store nearby to buy snacks and water as suggested by our tour guide. We finally arrived and parked somewhere near the start of the trail. Kuya Baldo said some opt to shorten their hike and rent a habal-habal but even with no sleep for almost 24 hours we are in for the challenge to hike all the way up.

The sight is really wonderful, a very good sight to see early in the morning. It felt like I am in a different place, this is not the usual sight of La Union that I know of.

We were greeted by fields of green. This is a breath of fresh air if you've been surrounded by buildings for like forever. Next, we reached the river, there's a concrete path beside it and a path you can cross.

Stop at the middle of this path and take pictures of the beautiful view.

After crossing that path it is like the start of the real hike. A lot of grass, trees, branches, soil and water. You'll encounter carabaos several times and Kuya Baldo always protected us from them because he said they have a tendency to get wild and might hurt us.

After probably an hour (our pace), we reached this sari-sari store with an interesting ride that will take you across the river. If you want to try it, you will pay 20 pesos. You can also try cliff diving here. It is also fascinating that they are playing a really loud funky music. I think it is coming from the house across.

After that stop, another hike for probably 30 to 45 minutes until you reach the river again to cross.

Once you cross the river, you are on to the rocky side. It is easier to walk but be careful you might slip, just follow your tour guide.

There are also big rocks that are good for photo ops. We tried to climb it for pictures.

Finally we reached the falls. What's funny is that we thought the picture below is the famous falls. So we stopped there feeling relieved that we made it.

Then Kuya Baldo said we can proceed and take our rest and swim at the main falls. The main spot is actually hidden in rocks so we didn't notice it right away. You can rent a life vest for 50 pesos. You'll need this if you are not a very good swimmer because the current in the falls is strong. It scares me even with a life vest on so I didn't swim much.

After about 45 minutes rest in the falls, we decided to head back already. When we reached the sari-sari store again, one of us decided to cliff dive. Kuya Baldo joined him. There were others cliff diving too.

We were so tired and hungry afterwards. Over all it was a fun experience, it is a good way to see La Union in a different light other than the usual surfing.

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